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Loans for young people up to $30,000: requirements for obtaining them

How do youth loans work?

How do youth loans work?

Young people are a type of dangerous customer for credit institutions and banks since they usually need small loans, requested without being able to offer permanent contracts or in any case no type of guarantee.

However, the offer of loans for young people between the ages of 18 and 35 is now increasingly wide and diverse. In fact, the banks have devised specific credit solutions designed for students and young entrepreneurs who need additional liquidity for the most diverse needs : from purchasing the car, to maintaining university studies as well as starting a business.

Loans for young people up to $ 30,000

Compared to the classic personal loans that provide rather strict evaluation criteria, such as stable and demonstrable income, the loans for young people do not take into account the type of employment of the applicant. However, some alternative forms of guarantee are still required. The capital that can be financed is however contained and is usually between 500 and 15,000 USD.

What are the most popular types of student loans?

What are the most popular types of student loans?

The most common types are the following:

  • non-repayable loans
  • honor loans for students and young entrepreneurs
  • loans young entrepreneurs
  • loans for unemployed young people

Non-repayable loans

Non-refundable loans are a form of loans for young people dedicated to youth entrepreneurship and start-ups. The following can be provided:

  • by regional bodies ( regional non-repayable loans );
  • from state ones ( regional non-repayable loans );
  • from European funds ( European non-repayable loans ).

It is a type of subsidized credit that does not provide for the repayment of the loaned capital or the interest accrued on it. The non-repayable loans are aimed at young people aged between 18 and 36 who intend to set up a new company in the form of sas, snc, SpA, sapa, ss, small and medium-sized cooperatives.

Honor loans for students and young entrepreneurs

Student loans include student loans, which may require a small amount of money for the following purposes:

  • to bear the costs of the degree course (three-year or specialist) that they are attending;
  • for those wishing to enroll in a university master’s degree or post-graduate course;
  • for the purchase of school tools and materials.

Loans for young university students are the result of agreements between banks and universities and allow you to take advantage of particularly subsidized interest rates.

The student loans, however, are intended not only to students but also to all those, including young people, who want to start an ‘entrepreneurial activities of small size, such as:

  • self-employment;
  • micro enterprise;
  • franchise.

Usually this is a credit solution that provides a portion of capital granted as a non-repayable loan and another disbursed in the form of a loan to be returned to the bank at a subsidized rate.

Loans young entrepreneurs

There are basically two solutions for young people who want to start a business:

  • the aforementioned non -repayable loan ;
  • the Youth Guarantee Fund.

The non-repayable loans for young entrepreneurs do not provide for time constraints for the submission of the concession request.

Fundable business projects must relate to certain sectors of activity, such as:

  • production of agricultural, handicraft or industrial goods;
  • provision of business services, except public administrative services and for commercial and tourist activities.

These loans can go up to 50% non- refundable, to which it is possible to add a loan or mortgage equal to 40% of the investments returnable in 10 years.

To support self-entrepreneurship, a loan available is the Youth Guarantee Fund, that is   that set of measures proposed at European level. The aim is to encourage and facilitate the insertion of new generations into the working world. The program is aimed at young people aged between 18 and 29.

In order to guide the young entrepreneur from the start-up phase to that of the realization of his industrial project, the plan, in addition to guaranteeing economic incentives, also envisages a targeted training course during all the development phases of the entrepreneurial project.

It is only near the end of the path that the young person receives access to the Employment Fund used for the provision of zero-rate loans for amounts between $ 5,000 and $ 50,000. The loan is granted without personal guarantees and with an amortization plan with a maximum duration of 7 years i.

Loans for unemployed young people

Fourth and final option of financing are loans for unemployed young people, called loans without paychecks. In some specific cases, the paycheck is not the only presentable guarantee. There are also alternative guarantees, such as:

  • surety providing for the presence of a guarantor, or a person who is ready to pay the loan installments if the young person is no longer able to do so;
  • regular rental contract;
  • register the mortgage on a property.

Loans for young people: how to apply for them?

Loans for young people: how to apply for them?

As regards loans for young people that can be requested from a bank or online, the procedure to be followed provides that, after evaluating the costs and specifications of the main solutions proposed on the market, using also onlical portals allows you to compare different banks and financial companies, it is necessary make an appointment at the bank where you want to start the loan.

On the contrary, if you prefer to take out a youth loan online, simply send the request and manage the financing via the web. In fact, the banks that operate via the web offer even cheaper interest rates thanks to the reduction in costs linked to the management of physical branches and bank intermediaries.

As regards the non-repayable loans granted by regional, state and European bodies, the procedure to follow is quite different. To take advantage of this type it is necessary to fill in a request form, downloadable via the web on the portals of the various Astro Finance. Once the document has been completed, it must be sent by registered letter with return receipt to the Italian Development Office, Via Boccanelli 30, 00138 Rome.

Or the form can be sent to one of the company’s regional offices. It will be necessary to attach in duplicate to the application:

  • the business plan and copy of the articles of association;
  • the certificate of validity, or the document that contains all the information of the company from the date of its first construction;
  • the certificate that the company’s headquarters are located in the territories of law enforcement;
  • the certificate stating that the new company is made up of partners between the ages of 18 and 35.
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