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About Us

Hello from Timor-Leste! Jim & Ames Richards are your local connection in Timor Leste. Since 2005, we have been operating to give travellers access to hotels and tours in Timor Leste. As a part of the WHL team, we now operate Timor-Leste hotels and thereby strive to offer the best of Timor Leste, its people, culture and natural wonders.

From Timor cultural and historic tours to pristine waters and coral reefs and literally untouched mountains landscapes, there is something for everyone in Timor. Plus, by booking through us you will be providing a livelihood opportunity for local people. (Just give us a call when you have some time after having your own experience).

We are proud to be a member of the WHL in our endeavour to preserve Timor’s unique natural and cultural environment. Being conscious of Timor Leste's wonderful tourism assets. We work with our suppliers to ensure they are preserved for the future. In addition to our environmental consciousness, we try to assist local people wherever we can with job opportunities and income generation. We realise that these efforts are not only an investment in our business but also an investment into the long-term viability of Timor-Leste as a natural and cultural destination.

We strive to be the most knoweldgeable and adaptive people on the island of Timor Leste. Without the help of our friends and colleages, like you the travellers, this would never have been possible.

About Jim

After completing a travel industry management Diploma in Melbourne, Australia I had a thirst for adventure and travel. My sojourns led me to Timor-Leste in 2000. As soon as I arrived here I was excited about what Timor had to offer travelers. I realised the opportunity for Timor-Leste to develop beyond a little known annex of Indonesia and so I set about developing my career in the travel and aviation industry. The culmination of these experiences and knowledge lead me to start my own travel agent business in 2005.

I consider myself very lucky to be able to share unique experiences with visitors to Timor-Leste. I am able to watch people smile as their hard work finally transforms into their holiday, when get to capture wonderful holiday memories. We have heard many beautiful stories from our clients about the pride and perseverance of the Timorese people through their difficult and bloody history, astonishing Timorese traditions, mystical mountains shrouded in clouds, isolated fishing spots to the east and swimming holes comparable to national parks the world over.

Of course, I need my time off too! I love swimming, traveling, social golf and footie! We have a local AFL (Australian Football League) side, which I play on regularly. The side is a mixture of expats and local Timorese so everyone gets a go! It’s great being in touch with the wider community; it gives me a sense of satisfaction to interact with locals, expats, and travelers alike.

We would like to acknowledge the valuable support we have received in developing this accommodation and tour booking portal from the World Bank Group's, International Finance Corporation (IFC) Advisory Services - Pacific, through its Tourism Program co-funded by the governments of Australia, New Zealand and Japan. IFC Advisory Services - Pacific is committed to supporting the development and growth of the tourism private sector in Timor Leste, in order to reduce poverty and improve lives.