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Arbiru Beach Resort

Address: Aldeia Meti 1, Dili

Arbiru Beach Resort is a newly developed luxury hotel, in a beachfront location with a large swimming pool. Accommodation comprises bedroom, open-plan lounge and kitchen, bar and restaurant with stunning panoramic views, an international menu and two well-equipped conference rooms.

The hotel is located in a quiet area in West Dili and offers a relaxing area to run, walk or just play with the kids at the beach. It is also perfect spot to watch spectacular sunsets over the neighbouring Indonesian island of Alor. The swimming pool has a 3 metre deep end with a closed shallow area for children. Scuba diving lessons can be arranged.

There are two restaurant areas. The first floor bar and dining room is open-fronted to catch cool sea breezes and watch local fishermen at work in their traditional canoes. The view sweeps across from the famous statue of Jesus Christ and the eastern beaches of Dili to the Timor Leste island of Atauro on the horizon. Whale watching during the migration season (September-December) is a must, with opportunities to spot resident schools of dolphins year-round.

The international menu is extensive, ranging from Asian and classic Portuguese cuisine, with the emphasis on fresh local seafood. Service is attentive, portions are generous and there is a comprehensive wine list offering both Portuguese and Australian vintages.

Arbiru Resort combines a friendly atmosphere with sleek modern decor. The style is simple, bright and airy, with elegant marble features keeping the environment cool and comfortable in the heat of the day.


The Arbiru Beach Resort is located near close to the mouth of Comoro River. 


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Hotel Address: Aldeia Meti 1, Dili
Distance to attraction points:
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  • Tasitolu Peace Park : 3 km Tasitolu is a great pleace to see water birds,including migratory birds fleeing Rusia's harsh winter . Pope John Paul II visited in 1989.
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  • Tias Market: 4 km Tais are traditional East Timorese weaving ,and the best place to shop for them in Dili , Designs come  from , as there are distinct styles of tais from Suai , Lospalos , Ermera , Bobonaro.
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  • Chinese Temple: 8 km Chinese temple is an indication of the city 's influential Chinese Community . They dominated commerse in East Timor and as a result were not always popular . The Temple's Buddha statue  was brought to Timor Leste in 1926 (Often Locked)
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  • Motael Church: 5 km Motael Church is very famous in Timor Leste being the oldest Catholic Church In Timor Leste
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  • Santa Cruz Cemetery: 8 km On the 12th of November 1991 a peacful protest at the Santa Curz Cemetery was fired upon by Indonesian soldiers.  More that 100 Civilians died.
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  • Alola Foundation: 3 km Alola is a not for profit non-governmental organisation operating in Timor-Leste to improve the lives of women and children. Founded in 2001 by the then First Lady,Ms Kirsty Sword Gusmao, the organisation seeks to nurture women leaders and ...
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Getting there

Heading from the airport, head over the Comoro Bridge turn Left at Timor Plaza and then turn left again at Pertamina fuel depot.  Follow the road as far as it can go and look left.  You can not miss it.

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